Turk and Fillmore

Charcoal on paper
21" x 63"

I am an artist born and raised in San Francisco. My work is largely on paper using dye, graphite and chalk as emblems of impermanence and transformation. I’ve exhibited throughout the Bay Area including SOMArts, City College of San Francisco, Betti Ono Gallery, San Francisco Arts Commission, and the African American Arts and Culture Complex. Themes I investigate primarily include visibility, remembrance, evolution and spirituality.

My art has explored the metaphysical experiences within the individual. I find that DNA- a sort of recording of human experience- is a language that can be decoded through various methods; for me it is drawing.

Use of the number two throughout my work creates fractal diagrams of ancestral lineage. continual exponential growth, which looks like meiosis on paper, or fractals in nature, is how I understand the ties that bind us. In migration - whether through Bantu expansion, the Atlantic Slave Trade, the Great Migration, or exile – diasporic circumstances have never broken the link of African ancestry.

As many of us are impacted by today’s gentrification, questions arose for myself on what it means to migrate given these tensions. Where communities are forced to move, leaving their families and the familiar. I wonder about the trajectory of family stories and records and how memorized legacies within communities that have been established from past migrations. Given these histories, what memories will be brought along with those who migrate? Historical memories? Personal memories? Talents and experiences? What is the psychic entanglement of threat that you may be forced to migrate? Where is your future? What lives and what dies in the process? Or more pressing, who lives and who dies? I believe that art can be away to teach and stimulate imaginative understandings and retain our ties beyond time and space.

instagram: @sagestargate