Pencil and charcoal on paper
24" x 18"

Nathan was primarily self-taught with pencils but recently took a class in drawing at SIUE. His passion lies with pencil and paper. Doing a combination of realism and surrealism Nathan is building his knowledge in the world of art. His motivation comes from trying to capture the authentic struggle, and perhaps those subtle emotions people so often try to avoid. He does this by drawing faces and hands. The stringent details and caring shading help to confront the issues that weigh on people. As much as art helps him, he yearns to have his art touch the hearts of those around him.

Nathan Smith grew up in an old farmhouse with four older siblings and a loving mother. He now lives in Southern Illinois in pursuit of Art therapy at SIUE. He loves running the bike paths of Edwardsville and visiting home when possible to visit with family. He enjoys indulges with a cigar, his favorite Macanudo Café, and good company on a relaxing evening. Outside of these things, work and school you will constantly find him in his room creating beautiful artwork. Not to mention with a cup of coffee at hand.

Many of my themes, at first glance, seem to be contrary to "the Ties That Bind." My art narrowly focuses on individual human emotion and struggle. By conveying this narrow focus on individualistic struggle, I hope it draws a connection between people. One of the largest dividers is the thought of isolation, that no one else knows this struggle. With 7.5 billion people in the world everyone has experienced similar struggles, and joys with people they may not know. Conveying these personal struggles directly hits at some of the largest things that hold us apart. In return, by seeing their own struggle in my artwork they will be able to draw a connection to those around them because they no longer feel as isolated.
Instagram: @nathansart108