Pen and ink
9.5" x 13.5"

I am an artist and art educator living in rural Oklahoma with my family of five.

I primarily draw with pen and ink but also sometimes focus my work on painting. I feel that a dynamic black and white image can just as effectively catch the viewers eye as one with a display of bold color. I try to explore and discover new textures with the pen and to also work towards using just the texture for a particular subject matter.

When I read the theme "The Ties That Bind" I immediately think about family. Albeit cliche`, I feel that regardless of any particular family dynamic, there are deep seated "ties" that "bind" a family together. Much of the time I use my own family members as subjects for my drawings. I try to capture that spontaneous and genuine moment when they are displaying their humanity. And ultimately, I feel it is that humanity that will always bind us together.

Instagram:  @lairdart74