Perilous Journey

Pen and ink
20" x 25"

My style fluctuates from semi-realistic, to impressionistic and expressionistic. I believe that good art should evoke an emotion in the viewer, and try to do more than capture an image, but also capture a mood. Lately I have been working with richly developed pen and ink drawings that I sometimes combine with either watercolor or pan pastel. My BFA was in printmaking and drawing and my interest in the texture and detail of pen and ink have now led me back into woodcuts and the rich and strong lines that this media provides.

Although some of my images are fairly realistic landscapes, with pen and ink I often end up with a more fantasy level landscape.

The "Ties that Bind" are the connection between fantasy and reality in one's life as well as in one's art.

(Each juror has awarded a Juror Prize to a drawing that particularly captured them, for any reason. A Fabriano Quadrato sketchbook is given to each recipient of the 2019 MVDP Juror Prize.)