Once Upon a Time...

pastel, inkjet on canvas
30" x 22"

I consistently lower the microscope from the general to the specific to obtain an array of colors and shapes invisible to the naked eye.
Abstraction and figuration are simultaneously present through the use of expressionistic strokes of pure colour. They suggest a feeling of immediacy as though freshly made or completed in a single session. I choose to work freely using live models and let the meaning behind the work emerge.
My drawings often appear to be teetering on the edge of total abstraction, flirting with the idea of losing contact with the motif altogether for the sake of achieving a thoroughly unified visual language. Just as grass and leaves on a tree, when seen close up lose specific identity and display patterns and visual rhythms verging on the abstract.
My recent work consists of drawing on a photomontage ( created by myself) printed on archival paper. This gives the work another dimension and meaning.