Not My Home

pen on collaged paper
12" x 9"

This work is a search to discover what exists between reality, fantasy, the unknown, and the general uncertainty in creating a meaningful reflection of life in a global pandemic. There is an undeniable parallel between the familiar yet distorted structures and architecture, and the psychic distress of sitting alone with our uncomfortable thoughts, shrouded in grief, confusion, and turmoil. I see these pieces as my living reactions to environmental chaos conveyed carefully on soft, torn paper. The process of making each piece is highly intuitive, with every move informing the next until it starts to evolve into a space that looks familiar to me. The creation of these realms is reminiscent of the careful solitary crafting an old blanket or quilt with the stark black ink weaving in and out like a uniting thread constructing a new reality.

Instagram: @joshuabaptista79