pencil on paper
62" x 32"

In this new work, I set out to make sense of where we are now, in the "new normal' and specifically looking at how the pandemic affected our youth. I am an artist, a mother, and an art teacher. I watched once bright eyed inquisitive students become dim and desensitized, distracted and indifferent. It became a challenge to develop ways to support these kids on screens and keep their attention to allow for growth and connection. In the new normal we have developed different methods of coping as we struggle with the modern world trying to play catch-up to where we left off in March of 2020. I question, if this return to normal is serving us well; how did this time impact us; are we honoring the global trauma we all just lived through?
I am using my daughters as subjects as I had a front-row seat to their struggles and deficiencies and how they impacted their development. Can we acknowledge the past while moving forward?

Instagram: @shannon_keller_art