When Once We Were...

graphite pencil on paper
12" x 12"

My drawings provide a pictorial narrative of life in America during the 1930s and '40s.
Architecture and light play key roles in my work and I have been greatly influenced by the work of Edward Hopper. Hopper used buildings as well as light to distill the essence of what is American and the success of his work has shown me the legitimacy of depicting the urban landscape.
Born too late to have truly experienced the 1940s, I instead rely on written and verbal stories and imagery gathered from extensive photo files. I then create visual folktales to illustrate the style and romance which withstood the brutality of a world war to influence us even today in music, literature, fashion, and the theatre.
I prefer to work in graphite because I realize how appropriate it is for illustrating an era whose photographic and cinematic imagery were predominantly in black and white. Also, the wonderful tactile relationship between pencil and paper enables me to intimately connect with the creative process.