graphite pencil on paper
66" x 42"

A dream I had in 2002 inspired a large body of work since then. In the dream, I was a white translucent spider hanging by the silk thread of my body in vast dark space.
The dream was timeless and I was completely the spider.
When I awoke Upon from the dream I was in an equanimous state of being, and connection to all of life, that lasted throughout the entire day.
My dreams have often influenced my art.
The process of creating these three images in graphite pencil brings me right back into the dream state. The woman on the rope represents the spider, the rope the silk thread, the background is always the dream-space.
The image 'Ascending' is resurfacing from dream to waking state.
Her body reveals her inner state of peace and connection to life in all of its manifestations.
The question is the dream.