Lost Moments

Colored pencil on drafting film
16" x 13"

My artistic interest lies in isolating candid and complex moments which invite the viewer to engage with the subject and contemplate their stories. In a world that pushes toward efficiency, I see the value in slowing down, marveling at details, and taking time to consider the inner lives of people. Having turned 70 this year and finding myself more and more forgetful, questioning myself all the time as to what it was that I was supposed to remember, I wanted to create an image that resonated with that feeling of confusion and vulnerability.

A Canadian artist, I have been doing color pencil drawings for about 20 years. Having lost the vision in one of my eyes two years ago, I re-examined my priorities and have since devoted myself full time to drawing, remaining undeterred in my conviction of the life-giving power of art to uplift.